The Icebreaker ~ FRiDAY NiGHT

The Icebreaker – is an entertaining night to break the newbies in gently. Regular attendees welcome to help us 😉

Our FAB FRiDAY crew bring you The Icebreaker

So lets break you newbies in gently haha!

We welcome all members, non-members and newbies along to these fun nights.

We understand that attending a club for the first time can be daunting. Your imagination runs away with you. What are they going to do to me? Will I have to strip naked and have sex?

Firstly all swinging etiquette applies – see here:

Maybe you are scared of the unknown, the venue looks like a barn in a car park from the outside, what’s it like inside? – see here

Remember, it’s your body, it’s your choice. You do whatever you are comfortable with, that just may be having a laugh and being sociable in a sexy atmosphere – that’s perfectly fine and very much acceptable. Our aim is that you enjoy your evening, forget any worries and have a bloody good laugh and that you feel ‘at home’ and keep coming back, and keep making new friends on every visit.

These nights may concentrate more on socialising around the bar area or relaxing in the hot tub, or dancing away in our clubroom, or our staff may play some fun games if requested, but they will want some fun fair play volunteers to join them, watching is cool too and encouragement is welcomed.

Remember at all times, you take things at your pace. If and when you are ready to go beyond The Icebreaker – only you will know.


NON Members: FEMALES £10, MF COUPLES £25

PREMIUM Members: £5 discount upon entry ONLY when showing your PREMIUM YEARLY MEMBERSHIP CARD at reception.

Cash & card payments accepted

Limits: Relax, Chill, Play
Dress Code: Dress to Impress, Smart, Casual, Sexy, Kinky
Hosted by – Team Annex