This is a FETLIFE Event

This is NOT a SWINGERS PARTY, but KINKY SWINGERS may message for an invite to attend if into kinky play

Be different – deviate from the perceived norm. This kinky SEX party gives you the play space and play equipment to do just that. Whether you are from the swing scene and enjoy kinky play or you are from the fetish scene and enjoy sex with your kink or maybe you crossover from one scene to the other then load up your kit bags adding your favourite sex toys and dress as sexy or as kinky as you dare!

From the get-go this party encourages you to live out your deepest desires and fantasies within a hedonistic atmosphere for a night of full-on debauchery amongst likeminded players and voyeurs. This party is open to all genders and all varying sexual orientations. Note that sex may occur between same sex genders, so do not attend if this offends.

Booking: ALL MUST MESSAGE to request consideration to attend.

Age – 21+ years
Price – £15 per person
Limits – Social, Kink, Fetish, BDSM, Safe Sex Play
Dress Code: As sexy as you dare, fetish wear, dress to impress, black as a minimum
A Fetlife event: Hosted by – VJ

Limits – Social, Kink, Debauchery, Safe Sex Play. (No sharps allowed)
Dress Code: Sexy as fuck, Kinky as fuck
Hosted by – Mistress VJ