High 5 Spanking Party

Pure “Spanking” joy at High 5 Spanking Party hosted by JCSPANKS. If you like spanking bottoms or being spanked, then this party is for you! The guest list for this party is well managed to get the right number of ‘tops’ to ‘bottoms’. It’s a bonus if you like to give and receive. The attendance is capped below venue capacity for this party, therefore message to ask for invite consideration via the appropriate site this party is advertised on and keep your fingers crossed. Once invited turn up and enjoy a spanking good time!

Just to clarify: It is just spanking!!
Sorry, no rope, wax play, electrical play, bondage (apart from light restraint) and no sex.

Age – 18 years
Price: £15
Time: 1pm to 7pm
Limits: Social, Spanking
Dress Code: Smart, Casual
Hosted by: JCSPANKS

2020 Dates: February 29th, May 30th, August 29th, October 31st,

Party Request for invite: JCSPANKS (Fetlife)