Stags and Vixens

We bring you a NEW Friday night party, Stags and Vixens to The Annex – a party for Stag and Vixen Couples and for selected singles who enjoy, respect and appreciate their place within this dynamic.

This being the most common dynamic within the swinging scene. Women who enjoy other men, but with their male partner fully in control of offering their lady to others and swapping with other like minded couples into the same dynamic. The vixen also enjoys getting off, seeing her stag with other women. We welcome unicorns to the mix too!

88% of Men fantasise of their lady with other men. A stag always reclaims his HOTWIFE after he’s given her to other men. Nothing is more erotic than sharing.

She is seductive, exquisite and confident. She is loved. Her pleasure turns him on soooooo much, his devotion to his vixen goes beyond the bedroom. Your connection is deep, your sex life will be amazing.

Reclaim sex is so wonderful and powerful. Come and enjoy and cum again!