Be an extreme version of yourself because nobody does it better!

In these extraordinary times if you feel you have nowhere to go, where you can truly immerse yourself, step inside the Voodoo Lounge. For lifestyle adults seeking an alternative experience far beyond the norm, especially the new norm Covid has cruelly given us, although we have to abide by the restraints that deny us the freedom we had pre-Covid. Parties as we knew them still remain a long way off. Summer if you are lucky.
However with something better than nothing we welcome you to partake in a night out of dress-up, to include social fun and chat amongst the food, drink and entertainment as dinner is served throughout the evening by your very own Voodoo Doll.
Your experience is what you choose to make it. Create your alter ego, escape into fantasy, be extravagant, an extreme version of yourself; dress up and immerse yourself with friends into a fun and enjoyable adult dining experience.
Inside the Voodoo Lounge you will find each area themed for your own small group booking of up to 6. Tables of 2s and 4 are available in The Social Pass. We ask you to immerse yourself, let yourself go! Dress to impress, to match with the themed areas maybe or create your own fancy dress group.
Book your ‘Lounge’ in advance (up to 6 maximum) or tables for 2 or 4. These are sold as non-refundable and are booked on a first come, first served basis. With capacity set at 52, we have 8 separate dining lounge areas, these include:
  • The 50 Shades Boudoir
  • The Red Hot Harem
  • The Clink
  • The Crows Nest
  • The Chamber (split into two areas)
  • The Gallery B-Movie cinema Snug (Upstairs)
  • The Social Pass (Tables: for 2, 3 or 4)

The dress code is very strict.

  • 100% NO to sportswear
  • 100% NO to workwear
  • 100% NO to street wear
  • 100% NO to everyday go out wear.
  • 100% NO to trainers
  • 100% NO to any colour of denim.
To make your experience more fun then we advise you wear something that you would not normally wear at any other public house, restaurant or public venue. Be inspired by the themed rooms for guidelines of suitable dress, be sexy, be extreme, be a pirate. PVC, Latex, Leather, Lingerie, Vintage, Steampunk, Chic, Elegant and so much more.

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If you need dress code – see below images for an idea or ask for further guidance.