Taboo Noir @ The Annex

Taboo Noir @ The Annex was born from the desire of The Black Panthers to share the gift God gave them in special evenings with likeminded people who enjoy them and their dark inner desires. 

Taboo Noir encompasses cuckoldry, BDSM and Interracial sex with an emphasis on soft to hardcore play, kink and debauchery to satisfy all limits.

We invite various types of attractive, liberated couples & singles males and females from across the racial spectrum who we believe will add something special to the erotically charged atmosphere.

Our female guests whether single or within a couple tend to be the perfect lady by day and a wanton slut by night “types” that most men can only dream about. We attract “Hot-wives”, “Greedy Sluts” and “submissive” sluts” who crave being the centre of attention or love to submit when surrounded by a group of well hung bulls. For a lady of a couple she especially loves showing up in front of her partner.

Of course, some of our guests prefer the intimacy of a more private room to live out their fantasies, sometimes under the watchful eye of their loving male partner offering active encouragement to her or maybe she’s in charge and he is forced to watch her pleasure unfold with no choice. All scenarios are possible.

We encourage a kinky edge to our evening soirees by inviting genuine D/s couples with subs suitably “owned & collared”, who will indulge in various forms of BDSM play. Many, like us, will equally get their kicks out of seeing their trained sub sluts being used and used by alpha bulls and lady dominants.

If this sounds like a party for you whether an alpha bull, a single lady, cuck or stag and vixen couples, D/s play partners, or liberated couples please contact theannex on fab or Mistress VJ on fetlife for your invite.

Taboo Noir is definitely not for everyone and certainly not for the faint-hearted!