Hosted by Ms Pink (Michelle) Passions was the founder party @ The Annex some 5+ years ago; Passions has in the past tended to be the intro level to kink parties with it’s focus on impact play but with the everchanging scene and House Domme Mistress VJ on hand many BDSM plays are achievable within the play space provided whilst retaining the light-hearted old school fun elements it began with. Passions do not allow medical/sharps play. If this is your thing then Fusion is for you.

Age – 21 years
Price – £15
Time: 7.30pm to 2am
Limits – Social, Kink, Fetish, BDSM, Safe Sex Play
Dress Code: As the theme, Fetish wear, dress to impress, black as a minimum
Hosted by: ms_pink (Michelle)

2019 Dates: 6th September, 28th September, 4th October, 4th November, 23rd November,

Party Request for invite: ms_pink (Fetlife)