Food Menu

Hot Food

all served with a side of chips

Beef Burger or Chicken Burger or Big Boy Sausage (inc: Vegetarian)

Naked – with onion or cheese £4

Spice It Up – with cheese and Jalapenos £4.50

You’ve Pulled – with pulled meat and cheese £4.50

Hot Date – Beef Burger with chilli con carne and cheese £4.50

Lady Killer with onions, two cheeses (Cheeses from: Mozzarella, Blue, Cheddar) and Jalapenos £5.00

Portion of Chips £1

Toppings 50p

Cold Food

“Subs” – Filled Baguette £3.50

Cheese, Tomato and Salad

Cheese, Ham and Salad

Ham, Tomato and Salad

Pulled Meat and Cheese, Salad

Tuna and Salad

Chicken, Bacon and Salad