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BDSM reviews.

21 September 2017

Good Morning,
I just wanted to thank you for yesterdays play area and the care shown myself and my partner while we were there.  The staff were very welcoming and put me at ease, and the area we had was great.  Lovely rooms and equipment, I spent a lot of pleasurable time attached to one of the crosses.  I'd never been fully restrained before and it added something to what we did.
Having use of the seating area just outside the room gave us an escape when we needed short breaks, and was somewhere we found it easier to talk that in the room surrounded by our toys.
I had an amazing time, and I hope we weren't too noisy or disruptive for the staff.  I'd happily recommend your rooms to anyone, and I hope to be able to use them again in future.
Again, thank you so much

Swing Reviews

28 September 2017

  • Another wonderful night at the Annex! Absolutely love it! And VJ is a fantastic host! I'll be back! Xxx
  • Went to greedy girl last night I had a really good time friendly place thanks VJ! Definitely going again. Thank you :)

13 September 2017

  • First time to the Annex tonight. Was met at the door and as I had offered a lift to one of the girls she very kindly showed me around the venue. A well laid out club, great facilities and what a crowd!
  • Everyone was friendly and was instantly put at ease. No pressure at all but once settled was invited to play a couple of times. Look forward to returning again very soon! Thanks to all those I met tonight.
  • Wow what a fantastic place very welcoming and full of really nice people . Met some really nice people and run really well. This is a great place

24 August 2017

  • Well what can I say? My first night at the Annex and I felt like I was at home!! This beautiful club, and it's equally beautiful Miss VJ, host some of the most welcoming and friendly people that I have had the honour to meet! I can honestly say, and I think most people would agree, that I had a very exciting night and will most definitely be back for more!! Thank you for being so welcoming to a club Newbie!! Xx
  • Great night at Annex. Great environment. Loved it.

9 August 2017

  • Newbie to the annex tonight, Made to feel very welcome with no pressure to play .. very clean and tidy pleasurable mix of people And they make an awesome cup off tea Great rooms to chose from I had a little play and I am looking forward to other evenings8

8 August 2017

  • I have been to the Annex once and I am returning tomorrow! Lovely, clean club, VJ made me feel very welcome and relaxed! Met some lovely people! Recommend it :) xx

28 July 2017

  • Wow what can I say full on, hope to visit again soon.
  • Was my first visit, Annex virgin but very impressed with smart and relaxed facilities. Venue full but just right amount of punters and ratio of Fs to Ms. Went on a GG night and they are gingery and give plenty of play opportunities. Yes I'll be cumming again soon.

13 July 2017

  • after a short day at work, and a message to Mistress Vj, I was added to the list for the greedy girls night. Another great night in the company of like minded people. Will be back again soon.