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Welcome to My Domain!

I am Mistress VJ.

I am Mistress VJ. I will penetrate your mind and thoughts and captivate your imagination with my seductive gaze.

I enjoy very much what I do, and take great delight in playing with respectful fetishists, masochists, submissives, slaves, sissys and bottoms.  You should feel confident to acknowledge your innermost fantasies in the safety of my selected play dens, where most aspects of BDSM can be explored.

Allow me to guide you through an exquisite experience  -  if you are a newbie to the delights of the BDSM world, I will take you into depths of your psyche, gently pushing and probing boundaries. Those with experience entice me to use my
imagination in order to tempt, tease, torment and lightly push preconceived boundaries.

Taking into account each and every subbies individual capabilities and requirements, you can be sure that you will be placed into your rightful position. You will find me warm, friendly and flirty through to an intimidating, strict and controlling Mistress, with many levels in between.

My inspired style is varied depending upon what you seek from this journey, let me know what you’re searching for and I’ll let you know whether you’re part of the privileged few who make it to serve me.

A respectful approach is always well received.

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