The Annexe

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T.A.R.T.S. @ The Annex

23 Feb 2019

Price: £See Below

The Annex Rope Tie Society is back!
T.A.R.T.S @ The Annex offers a safe space to socialise, practice rope skills, offer hands-on learning opportunities and peer learning with a focus always on safety.

The T.A.R.T.S will take place on the second Saturday afternoon of each month before Passions.
Cost :- £5 or £2.50 if staying for the Passions@TheAnnex BDSM Party presented by ms_pink.

We hope that anyone who wants to learn and/or teach will come and join us. All skill levels are welcome and participation is encouraged.

The rope suspension frame at The Annex will be available to explore the many possibilities of suspension play and with the UV lighting on offer there will be an opportunity to have pictures taken. Normal venue photography rules apply.

The rope bondage community is one of sharing and exploration. Everyone loves to share new knots, new imagery, and new skills.
Meet in the very friendly atmosphere of The Annex and enjoy the freedom to be who you are, share what you know, and learn from others.

No matter if you are young, old, new to the scene or old hands The Annex Rope Tie Society is the perfect place for you to join in, learn new skills and share your knowledge with others.

This event is open to anyone aged 18 and over.
Please read the BDSM Party Etiquette on the website before attending The Annex.

There will be an hour and a half gap between T.A.R.T.S and Passions for you to go and grab a bite to eat if you wish and changing facilities are available to slip into something more extravagant for the Passions party.
Dress code: Casual & Comfortable
Cost: £5 or £2.50 if staying for the Fusion BDSM Party