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The Annex House Party

17 Aug 2019

Price: £See Below

SO....... what is different? -

This party runs a licensed bar :-)

Couples* are now FREE to attend, as are FEMALES. Males must request an invite sending their face photo;

Retro Music Themes from the 70s through to the naughties to get you in the mood.

You must BOOK IN to attend - a guest list will be kept (venue capacity is capped at 60 plus staff)  Males recommended by a couple attending will be given priority (Male places will be limited: £25).

This party runs a licensed bar and the venue sells: Teas and Coffees Alcohol Soft Cold Drinks

Retro Music Themes from the 70s through to the naughties to get you in the mood. Other than that the same warm welcome awaits!!!


Dress Code: With ultimate hygiene:-

Ladies: As Sexy as you Dare


Party Description

The set up of the venue is specific for THE ANNEX HOUSE PARTY and an ideal night for newbie couples and singles to the scene or the club itself to come and have a look and see what is on offer with no pressure to play. Just relax, come to socialise, get to know others and have a drink and a laugh.

This is a perfect neutral meeting place for like-minded people to see if you get along and are compatible with each other, before making that private swing date ....or not.

Of course, if you hit it off straight away and there's no time like the present, then there are playrooms to indulge yourselves.

Maybe you have arranged to meet someone you have already met socially and prefer the safety and the sexy vibe of a friendly party venue rather than being shut away in a hotel room, wondering if you can be noisy or not.

Regulars, of course, are very much welcome to attend. Your continued support of the club and community is very much appreciated. We all started this lifestyle somewhere, so I'm sure any newbie will welcome your advice if asked for and you may well have some fun stories that will make them feel at ease.

The venue has 4 playrooms and with this party, all playrooms will be curtained for discretion.

Closed curtain - busy, do not enter.

Half closed curtain - you may watch, but may not enter without an invitation.

Open curtain - welcome to enter the room, play next to us, maybe join us if invited.

It should go without saying that normal swinging etiquettes apply. No is no, please be polite and respectful always.

D*unk is not sexy.

Condoms are available to purchase from the venue or bring your own is fine.

Please come and join us ;-)

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*Couples must have a couples profile on fab, which is over 3 months old OR has been verified from 3 different meets.

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Come join us ;-)