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Kings Lynn Under 35s Munch

29 Nov 2018

Price: £Beer money

A munch (derived from "burger munch") is a casual social gathering for people involved in or interested in BDSM. People are free to arrive and leave within the specified hours.

Munches are meant to help those who are curious about BDSM meet others, become more comfortable, and better informed.
Munches can also be a place to get advice, or pass on anecdotes about BDSM experiences.

There is a private car park behind the bar, there will a group of us at or setting up a table to play cards against humanity while we enjoy a few drinks and conversation.

The munch will start at 8pm and finish at 11pm and the munch leaders will be there from 7:30pm to meet and greet any "newbies" before the main crowd arrive.
If you would like to be met in the car-park just send us a message and we will arrange for one of the leaders to meet you.
If you have any questions or concerns about the munch please feel free to message us and we will do our very best to help you in any way we can.

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Dress code: Suitable for a public bar
The Rathskeller Wine Bar & Bistro.

1 South Quay, King’s Lynn, Norfolk, PE30 5GN

Google map link to the venue

The Munch Team